About Splendid China Mall - Phase II

True to its name, the splendour of the exquisitely beautiful design of Phase II will truly be a feast for the eyes. With its vaulted atrium reaching up three storeys, the spacious ambience created by the blending of a modern motif with the ageless beauty of Ancient Chinese architecture will awe even the most sophisticated shopper.

Once all phases of this modern project are completed, it will be the largest Chinese mixed-use commercial project in North America complete with a 1200 plus seat banquet and convention facility, hotel, hundreds of unique retail outlets and international restaurants.

The combination of superbly designed space and the endless array of boutiques, eateries and services that meets every taste and budget make Splendid China Mall the crowning jewel of Chinese Shopping centres. Splendid China Mall is not only a place to see but definitely a pace to be seen for those with a flare for the best of the best.