Yuans Fashion

unit: 1D17-19, contact person: Stephanie, telephone: 416-838-6768, fax No.:, web Address: , e-mail: yesfashion@hotmail.com, business hours: ,


unit: 1D10, contact person: Louis, telephone: 647-403-0328, fax No.:, web Address: , e-mail:, business hours: 1:30pm – 6pm(Thu. Sun. Closed), Leather care


unit: 1C8-9, contact person: Pauline, telephone: 647-889-1008, fax No.:, web Address: , e-mail: beauty8891008@hotmail.com, business hours: 2:30am – 7:00pm, Ladies’ Quality wear & Accessories, skin care Products


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Canada Luxury consignment

unit: 1B26-27, contact person: Iven Zheng, telephone: 647-996-5207, fax No., web Address: , e-mail: , business hours: 2pm – 7pm, Wo buy or sell your luxury


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vtao life style

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MiNi K

Unit: 2E7 &2 E8 Telephone: 647-407-5280 Fax: N/A www.minikshop.com Korean Fashion, Cosmetic, Gift, Accessories.

Linny Boutique

Unit: 1K2 Telephone: 416-918-9092 linny.styling@gmail.com