Cindy Chow Chiropodist Foot Specialist

unit: 1C25, contact person: Cindy , telephone: 905-943-7575, fax No.:, web Address:, e-mail:, business hours: 10am – 7pm(Mon. Fri). 10am – 4pm(Tue. Thu. Sat.), Wen. Sun. closed Cindy Chow is a licensed foot specialist who assesses & treats foot problems such as foot pain, toenail problems&orthotics

Grace TCM Clinic

unit: 1C5, 1C7, contact person: Grace Wong, telephone: 647-825-9825, fax No.:, web Address:, e-mail:, business hours: 2:00pm – 7pm, Herbal medicine, acupuncture, meridians analysis

Glamour Aesthetic Clinic

unit: 1B17&1B19, contact person: Stephen Chen/ Yue Yue Chen, telephone: 647-801-3808, fax No., web Address: , e-mail:, business hours: 10:30am – 5:30pm(Mon. – Fri.), Medical aesthetic services, botox & dermal Aller injections

U star Rehab Group

Unit: 2A21 Telephone: 647-909-1719 11:00-8:00 Most of the patients visit thyroid spegeneric cialis online find over here nowt when referred by their family physicians. Silagra has very quickly gained a viagra 5mg get more niche popularity world wide as a generic version of sildenafil citrate saves up to 70% of cost if compared with the […]

Tong Ji Chinese Medine Accupuncture

Unit: 2D11,12 Telephone: 647-707-2686 Initially, a chiropractor makes diagnosis through physical assessment, medical history, and your other samples viagra cialis conditions past and present. The yellow mustard cialis prescription canada is added to diets in various countries to get the treatment of ED. The generic sexual impotence drugs offer the same potency as the original […]

Splendid Wellness

Unit: 2D25&2D28 Telephone: 416-992-5921 wellness service provides professional physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy massage therapy, acupuncture treatment and extended health service More and more people are acknowledging viagra in india it into their daily life. The needs of the patient must be met for the chiropractic program to be successful. viagra online store Every man feels […]

Longlife Acupuncture Tui_Na Clinic

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Flynn‘s Pain Clinic

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Comfort Health Center

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Chinese Medical & Nature Therapy

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