unit: 1R1-2, contact person: , telephone: 416-321-6886, fax No.:, web Address: www.ichibanayce.ca, e-mail: , business hours: 11am – 3:30pm(Mon. – Sun.), 3:30pm-10:00pm(Thu. -Sun.),3:30pm-12:00pm(Fri. – Sat.)

Linny Boutiques

unit: 1K5, contact person: Winnie, telephone: 416-918-9092, fax No.:, web Address: wechat : linlinmiss00, e-mail: , business hours: 1pm – 6pm, We have many unique items from oversea or local

JIADE Consultancy

unit: 1E17, contact person: Ben Yang, telephone: 647-627-3069, fax No.:, web Address: , e-mail: jd.legalconsult@gmail.com, business hours: 9:30am – 5:30pm, we do immigration, appeal hearing, small claims matter, landlord tenant disputer

Canada Easy Service

unit: 1E1, contact person: Helen Liu, telephone: 416-499-4467, fax No.:, web Address: www.canadaeasyservice2000.com, e-mail: canadaeasyservice@gmail.com, business hours: 9am – 6pm(Mon. – Fri.), 11am – 5pm(Sat.), Visa, tax, authentication, insurance, legal deument

Salon Dlas Nail(Hair and Nail collection)

unit: 1D20, 22, 25, contact person: Andrew , telephone: 647-686-8117, fax No.:, web Address: facebook: Salon plus Nails, e-mail: , business hours: 11am – 8pm, Hair, nail, eyelashes, extensions, eyebrow microblading services

LUV In Nails Nikki’s Studio

unit: 1D1-3, contact person: Nikki, telephone: 647-808-3520, fax No.:, web Address: , e-mail: xieluvqq@hotmail.com, business hours: 11am – 8pm, Japanese Nails Styles Nail procedure and Manicure gel

Li Zi

unit: 1C23, contact person: Zhihe Ye, telephone: 416-833-6290, fax No.:, web Address: , e-mail: , business hours: 11:30am – 7pm,


unit: 1C8-9, contact person: Pauline, telephone: 647-889-1008, fax No.:, web Address: , e-mail: beauty8891008@hotmail.com, business hours: 2:30am – 7:00pm, Ladies’ Quality wear & Accessories, skin care Products

Wellcome Rehab Clinic

unit: 1B3, contact person: Henery Zhou, telephone: 416-901-6885, fax No.: 416-901-5881 e-mail: healthwellcome@hotmail.com, web Address: , business hours: , Health Clinic

Grand Catering

unit: 1A18, contact person: Jacky, telephone: 416-419-6616, e-mail: jackyyoung616@yahoo.ca, web Address: , business hours: ,